'Suzuka will play to my strengths' - Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton believes his attacking driving style will pay dividends at next weekend's Japanese Grand Prix on the high-speed Suzuka circuit.

Hamilton has vowed not to change his approach to racing despite being involved in a string of incidents this year, two of which have resulted in retirements while the others have cost him points. But it is his ability to attack the circuit over a single flying lap that he thinks will really put him in good stead in Japan as he looks to bounce back from another below par result in Singapore last weekend.

"I think Suzuka will play to my strengths: it's a track that really requires you to drive in an attacking way to be able to get a good lap time," he said. "It's an uncompromising place. But that's when the thrill of driving a Formula One car is at its highest; when you know you can't afford a single mistake and where driving on the absolute limit is the only way to get the best time. In that sense, it's a lot like Monaco, and maybe that's why I like the place so much - it's unique."

Hamilton has yet to finish on the podium since Formula One returned from its summer break in August, while Sebastian Vettel has won all three races in the Red Bull. The McLaren driver said he will be wary of Red Bull's pace in Japan but is confident his team can also challenge for victory.

"I think we're headed there in pretty good shape: we know that the Red Bulls will be strong - but we also have a very quick car, and we can make it work on different kinds of circuit," he said. "Suzuka is another reasonably high-downforce track, which should play to our strengths. The weather in Japan in the autumn is always unpredictable - we've seen before that it can be beautifully su
nny and hot or extremely cold and wet. I'll take any conditions as long as I can race hard."

Source: ESPNF1

Airbus scare for Vettel at high altitude

World champion Sebastian Vettel had a high-altitude scare when returning to his home in Switzerland from Singapore earlier this week.

Media reports say the Singapore Airbus A380 carrying the Red Bull driver, as well as other Formula 1 personalities including Peter Sauber, encountered a problem just before landing in Zurich.

The pilots diverted to Frankfurt, and Bild newspaper said it was a failure of the aircraft’s instrument landing system (ILS).

Passengers recalled that as the plane descended for landing, the pilots suddenly pulled back up at full power.

“We were never scared, because we were given very good information from the cockpit,” Sauber is quoted as saying by the Swiss newspaper Blick.

“But during the approach I did think, oops, the forest down there is looking rather close. Then we went back up.”

Said Vettel’s press manager Britta Roeske: “The captain came immediately to Sebastian and explained the electronic defect. Sebastian was very relaxed and even let himself be photographed with the crew members and passengers.”

Source: YallaF1

Why Räikkönen retired of Rally?

Doesn't Räikkönen want to learn routes for next season when not continuing the rally - or is he leaving WRC?

- It depends a lot on what I do. That will I drive anything next year, Räikkönen said to MTV3.

He trashes the information from Autosport about him being close to a deal with Williams.

- They, just like the other medias have written what they have written. Actually it's all the same what I say myself, it doesn't change much anything. Lets see what happens in the future.

So the next question was if Räikkönen rather races or is a team manager.

- I like to race. That's what I have done. Let see later on, Räikkönen said.

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole

What You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Beyonce says being pregnant is the most empowering thing a woman can do.
However, pregnacy can also be the most vulnerable and very emotional time is a woman's life!!
To help knocked up ladies everywhere pregnant blogger, Nour Akkad, composed this list of the top ten rudeass things people have said to her. Though some may be a little funny now, at the time they seemed awful!!
Here are her examples of what you should NEVER tell a pregnant woman:
1. Male stranger: "How many more months do you have left? One or two?"
Me: "I actually have five more months left."
Male stranger: "Oh, are you having twins?"
Me: "Nope, just one."
2. Male work colleague: "Whoa, what are you having… quadruplets?
My Sister: No, just having one."
3. Female friend… Now distant female friend: "I didn't think you were going to be big, but you really are!"
4. Female stranger: "Are you having one or two because your stomach is really big?"
Me: "Just one."
Female stranger trying to redeem herself: "You have a perfect belly, you really do."
5. Female family friend: "Let me see who's bigger, you or my daughter." (Daughter and I are only days apart in our pregnancy).
Female family friend: "Oh no, you're much bigger."
Read the next 5 things…. After The Jump!!

6. Male stranger: Now that's a pregnant woman right there! How far along. You look like you're about to explode!
7. Female cousin on Skype: "Let me see your belly!"
Me: "Okay, here it is!"
Female cousin: "Oh, you don't look that pregnant!"
Me: "Oh my God, thank you! You just made my day."
Female cousin: "Now let me see your sister!" (Sister walks over to computer and shows belly).
Female cousin: "Wow, now you look pregnant!"
8. Female friend: "I didn't even recognize you!"
9. Male distant relative: "How are you doing? Or I should probably start saying how are you two doing?"
Me: "We are good."
Male distant relative: "Are you having twins?"
Me: "No."
Male distant relative: "Are you sure?"
10. Male acquaintance: "Are you pregnant?"
Me: "Yes, how did you know?"
Male acquaintance: "Your face!"
Me: "Oooh."
Male acquaintance:"Is it a boy?"
Me: "Yes! Again, how did you know?"
Male acquaintance: "Again, your face! See when women are pregnant with boys, they tend to lose the femininity in their face."
Me: "Oooh."

Justin Bieber asked mommy if he could stay the night at Selena Gomez's house for a pajama party

After a late night having dinner at Mastro's restaurant in Beverly Hills, Selena Gomez suggested to her squeeze Justin Bieber that he stay over for a pajama party.
Being the good son that he is, Justin had to whip out his cell phone in the limo and call his mommy to get the OK to stay over.

As soon as he got off the phone, he turned to Selena and said excitedly, "Mom said it was okay!"
LOLz! We're actually kinda surprised she did say okay, considering Justin is only 17. But we're sure it was all just innocent fun, right? Right???

New allegations claim that there were multiple women in the hotel room with Ashton Kutcher on the 6th anniversary of Ashton & Demi's marriage.

New allegations claim that there were multiple women in the San Diego hotel room, which Ashton Kutcher reportedly shared with Sara Leal on the sixth anniversary of Ashton/Demi's marriage.

We're hearing that Sara and her friends were brought to the hotel room by Ashton's bodyguard…and then the other girls waited in a separate area while Ashton and Sara had sex.
We're also hearing that the girls' cell phones were confiscated, and then returned to them later that morning when they left.

This is just awful! We'd love to say that we don't think it's true, but after everything else we've been hearing lately, this definitely sounds believable to us.
Somebody REALLY needs to release a statement to set the record straight, one way or the other.

Justin Bieber reveals his Christmas album release date and the cover.

Attention, Beliebers! It looks like Christmas is coming early this year.
It's just been announced that Justin Bieber will be releasing his upcoming holiday collection on, wait for it, Nov. 1! That's a month from tomorrow, folks. Thirty-one days and counting, in 744 hours...well, you get the idea.

But that's not all. The cover art for the album, titled Under the Mistletoe, has also been revealed. Something tells us this pic will be getting plenty of smooches—with or without any mistletoe around

TRUE or not so TRUE- Is Avril Lavigne Baby Bumpin'?

Pregnant celebs have been known to try to keep their mommyhood-to-be on the down low by using oversize designer bags to hide their baby bumps.

Does this all mean that the rocker chick is preggers with her and boyfriend Brody Jenner's baby?
The couple has, after all, been together for about 19 months.

Well, hold on to your rattles, rockers, 'cause this rumor is... FALSE!!!

Ms. Lavigne is no mommy-to-be. "She is not pregnant," her rep tells me.
While not married, Lavigne fits quite nicely into her hunky beau's family. She was on Jenner's arm at his stepsister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries last month

Ice Cream, You Scream...We All Scream For Free Ice Cream!!!

What up party people? This Sunday I'll be giving away FREE ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in  the Tim Hortons on Main Street Dartmouth by 107 Hwy!

Im live on location from 2pm to 4pm so make sure to grab the friends and familly and enjoy the worlds best ice cream on me!

Ashton Kutcher [PHOTO] Partying SOLO on Anniversary

TMZ has obtained photos of Ashton Kutcher partying his face off on his 6th wedding anniversary last weekend -- problem is ... Demi Moore was 3,000 miles away.

Sources tell us, Ashton -- who married Demi on September 24th, 2005 -- was burning the midnight oil at FLUXX nightclub in San Diego early Saturday morning ... while Demi promoted her new Lifetime movie in New York.

But they're Ashton and Demi -- plenty of couples spend their anniversaries apart ... partying ... with strangers ... right?

MORE Confirmation On Ashton And Demi's Split!!

It has recently been discovered that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore stopped following each other's Twitter accounts.
Apparently, this has been the case for a quite some time now (though Demi has recently began following him again).
Most people would be like, oh they don't follow each other on Twitter! Biiig deal! But guess what, it IS a big deal with these two!!!
Ashton was the original king of the tweet, and Demi is non-stop mini-blogging about positivity.
So yeah, not a good sign!
Need another confirmation??
According to a close source, the couple went to marriage counseling this summer.
Kabbalah marriage counseling. They were serious. Can't say they didn't try we guess!
Sigh. Ahhh well, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have….HA! Screw that BS! It still hurts like a bitch!

Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancee Crystal Harris ... just put her engagement ring on a pretty famous auction

A diamond isn't always forever ... sometimes it's only for 6 months -- especially for Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancee Crystal Harris ... who just put her engagement ring on a pretty famous auction block!

TMZ has learned ... the platinum ring, which boasts a 3.39 carat circular-cut diamond -- will be auctioned off by Christie's in NYC next month.

According to the listing, the ring is expected to sell somewhere in the range of $20 -$30k.

Sources close to Crystal tell us ... the former Playboy model "couldn't bear to look at the ring anymore because it brought back bad memories."

I call BullS#$%


Does this young lady get the OK to be todays HOT BOD?

Jay-Z Talks Baby, Moving to Brooklyn and Obama lol

First-time father-to-be Jay-Z knows how lucky he is and how important it is to give back to young people.

"I'm excited! I think that is pretty easy," he told reporters at Pier 54 last night. He was also excited about being able to share his success with others. "Someone emailed me this morning and said 'Some people climb the ladder and grab the ladder. And some people pull more people up the ladder and you are a person who pulls more people up the ladder.' I was very humbled by that," Jay shared.
The Shawn Carter foundation provides full scholarships to kids who can't afford college on their own.
"If you want to be lazy, that's a different thing. But if you apply yourself and do everything that you have to do to get to a certain point and can't go further because of your financial situation, I think that is a shame," he said.
Speaking of money, Jay said he may move to Brooklyn like his basketball team, the New Jersey Nets...if he can afford it!
"I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high," he laughed. "It's not like before!"
The mogul also shared that he's still rooting for Obama to get reelected but admits he's got his work cut out for him.
"I still think he is the best man for the job," he explained. "Yes, I think he got a raw deal and a bad economy. You wouldn't be given anything you can't handle so he must be really special, because he has a lot of work to do!"


Does this guy get the OK to be todays HOT BOD?


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Freak crash puts Kimi out

Kimi Räikkönen's co-driver Kaj Lindström has described the moment when they retired from Rallye de France Alsace following a bizarre incident on the road section heading to the third stage of the event

The Finns were in ninth overall after two stages in their ICE 1 Racing Citroen DS3 WRC when disaster struck on the liaison section prior to the 36-kilometre Pays d’Ormont test south west of the service park in Strasbourg this morning.

Lindström told Wrc.com: “As usual we parked 2.5 kilometres before the stage start to put on our helmets and get strapped in before warming our tyres on the way to the control. On this occasion Henning [Solberg] went in front of us - even though he was behind us in the start order. He was snaking down the road to put some heat in the tyres and the brakes, and we were doing the same behind. But at some point we had to overtake so soon we caught up. Henning pulled into his lane, and we went to pass but suddenly he braked hard and we drove into the back of his car - his left-hand rear corner with our right-hand front. The impact broke one of our front suspension uprights. But this is what happens sometimes - no one is to blame. I explained this to Henning afterwards.

Speaking to World Rally Radio, Solberg said: “He hit me on the left side, I saw his car in the air and then he disappeared into a ditch. He said it was not my fault and just to drive on.”

It’s currently not clear if Räikkönen, the 2007 Formula One world champion, and Lindstrom will be able to restart on day two. “We are at the hotel now while the team look at the car. I can’t say whether we will be able to restart tomorrow,” said Lindstrom.

Source: WRC

Servidores denunciam coação para mudar depoimentos contra prefeito

O Ministério Público deve investigar mais denúncia envolvendo a cidade de Santa Bárbara D'Oeste e o prefeito, Mário Heinz, de que funcionários que denunciaram o esquema de corrupção na prefeitura estariam sendo pressionados para mudar os depoimentos. Um servidor que prefere não se identificar disse à EPTV que está sendo coagido a mudar as declarações que fez sobre as fraudes em licitações.
Nos depoimentos, vários funcionários da prefeitura relataram como eram feitos os supostos acordos ilegais. Um deles, que trabalha no setor de licitaçã, disse que tudo era feito de forma "escancarada" e que Ana Leone, secretária de Administração, falava que "fazia sim, porque todo mundo fazia".

Outro depoimento é do padrinho e homem de confiança de Mário Heins, Osvaldo Paz Domingues. Ele falou aos promotores que 18 empresas pagaram propina para continuar prestando serviço à prefeitura. Domingues contou ao MP como seriam feitos os pagamentos. A filha dele, que trabalhava com Ana Leone, receberia o dinheiro em envelopes, repassaria para a secretária de Administração, que depois entregaria para o prefeito./

A assessoria de imprensa da Prefeitura de Santa Bárbara D'Oeste informou que, se houve algum tipo de pressão sobre funcionários que prestaram depoimento aos promotores, ela não está relacionada ao prefeito, e que se a Administração Municipal for notificada pelo MP, sindicância interna será aberta.

Operação prende acusados de fraudes em licitações no transporte coletivo

Os promotores do Gaeco (Grupo de Ação Especial de Combate ao Crime Organizado) e a Polícia Civil de Campinas fazem na manhã desta sexta-feira (30) uma operação contra uma quadrilha ligada a irregularidades em contratos no transporte coletivo. São oito mandados de prisão e de acordo com os promotores, os principais acusados já foram detidos. Uma garagem de uma empresa de transportes em Valinhos recebeu a visita da Promotoria. Os presos são acusados de formação de quadrilha, fraudes em licitações, cartel e crime contra a economia pública.
De acordo com o Gaeco, três pessoas já foram presas. Os presos estão sendo levados para a Delegacia Seccional de Campinas.

Rock in Rio já AO VIVO !

Click na imagem !

'Fui atingido por um cassetete', diz professor ferido na Assembleia do CE

Professor Freitas diz que foi atingido por cassetete; Batalhão de Choque afirma que ele foi acertado por objetos arremessados pelos próprios professores. (Foto: Agência Diário)Professor Freitas diz que foi atingido por cassetete; Batalhão de Choque afirma que ele foi acertado por objetos arremessados pelos próprios manifestantes. (Foto: Alex Costa/Agência Diário)
O professor atingido na cabeça durante as manifestações na Assembleia Legislativa do Ceará na tarde desta quinta-feira, quando os grevistas tentaram invadir o plenário para impedir os deputados de aprovarem a lei do piso salarial proposta pelo Governo do Estado, diz Arivaldo Freitas, que foi “pressionado contra a parede” e acertado por um cassetete. “A manifestação já estava controlada, muitos manifestantes já tinham desistido quando eu fui acertado”, diz o Arivalto. O Batalhão de Choque da Polícia Militar diz que paus e outros objetos jogados pelos manifestantes geraram o ferimento.
Mesmo com as manifestações, a lei foi aprovada em regime de urgência e determina um salário de R$ 813,79 para professores com ensino médio. Os professores alegam que o Governo de Estado não cumpre a Lei do Piso Nacional, que exige um salário de no mínimo R$ 1.180 para os profissionais do ensino médio.
Professor ferido estava acampado na Assembleia
Freitas é professor de matemática em estado probatório, aprovado no último concurso do Estado. Ele diz que estava no comando de greve “dando apoio” e participava do acampamento na Assembleia que começou na tarde de quarta-feira (28).
Em nota à imprensa, a Assembleia Legislativa disse que os professores feridos foram atingidos por objetos arremessados pelos próprios manifestantes.
Segundo o comandante do Batalhão de Choque da Polícia Militar, major Alexandre Ávila, os policiais "fizeram a linha de contenção visando evitar a invasão do plenário". Ávila declarou à reportagem da TV Verdes Mares que o professor foi atingido por paus e outros objetos arremessados pelos manifestantes.
Arivalto Freitas foi levado ao Hospital Instituto Doutor José Frota, no Centro de Fortaleza, com ajuda de outros professores. Ele fez uma tomografia e ficou constatado ferimento no crânio. Ele diz sentir dor de cabeça forte.
O professor diz também que deve evitar as manifestações sindicais nos próximos dias. “Acho que meu estado não vai permitir”, explica. O professor recebeu alta hospitalar por volta de 17h.
Os professores realizam protestos na Assembleia Legislativa contra a aprovação do piso dos professores - abaixo do que exige a Lei Nacional do Piso -, votada nesta quinta-feira (29) pelos deputados cearenses em regime de urgência. O líder do Governo na Assembleia, deputado Antônio Carlos (PT), diz que estão abaixo do piso apenas uma quantidade “irrisória” de professores que têm até o Ensino Médio. O deputado diz também que a matéria foi aprovada após ser debatida com integrantes do governo e representantes dos professores. A categoria está em greve desde o dia 5 de agosto.

Santa Bárbara terá Parque Tecnológico

O prefeito de Santa Bárbara, Mário Heins (PDT), assina nesta quarta-feira (28) o decreto que desapropria uma área às margens da Rodovia dos Bandeirantes para a implantação de um Parque Tecnológico na cidade. A área declarada de utilidade pública tem mais de 330 mil metros quadrados.
Parques tecnológicos são empreendimentos para a promoção de ciência, tecnologia e inovação, que oferecem oportunidades para as empresas do Estado transformar pesquisa em produto e aproximam os centros de conhecimento (universidades, centros de pesquisas e escolas) do setor produtivo (empresas em geral). Os parques tecnológicos são locais que estimulam a união de experiências entre as empresas, tornando-as mais competitivas.
O secretário de Desenvolvimento Econômico, Christóvão Silveira, explicou as características do Parque Tecnológico. "Teremos pelo menos três pilares iniciais, que são área têxtil, TI (tecnologia da informação) e metal-mecânica, que é um forte porque somos berço não só do setor têxtil como da indústria metal-mecânica. Este Parque Tecnológico vai ser bem diversificado para atender a todo setor que o município tem vocação", disse.

Adolescente briga com colega e é detido com 2 facas dentro de escola

Um adolescente de 15 anos foi detido, nesta quinta-feira (29), com duas facas, dentro da Escola Estadual Hélio Penteado de Castro, no bairro Parque Piracicaba, em Piracicaba. Segundo testemunhas, o menino brigou com um colega de classe e ameaçou matar o garoto com as armas brancas, que conseguiu na rua. A confusão teria começado com uma briga de namorados.
Segundo a Polícia Militar, após a discussão, o menor pulou o muro da escola e retornou com duas facas na mão. Um funcionário do colégio conseguiur desarmar o menino no momento em que ele ameaçava o companheiro. A Polícia Militar foi acionada. O adolescente foi levado para a Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher (DDM), onde foi registrado o boletim de ocorrência depois. Ele foi ouvido e liberado para uma irmã maior de idade. As duas facas foram apreendidas. 
A Secretaria Estadual de Educação informou por meio de sua assessoria de imprensa que, ao contrário do que a PM disse, a discussão teria ocorrido do lado de fora da escola. Ele buscou as armas mas, segundo a nota, foi impedido pelo porteiro de entrar na instituição com os objetos. A PM garantiu que o garoto foi detido no interior do colégio.

Aluno é suspenso e será transferido
A assessoria da pasta informou que o aluno foi suspenso por cinco dias e, conforme pedido da própria família, ele será transferido para outra escola. A Secretaria disse, ainda, que "a transferência do estudante foi autorizada e está apenas dependendo da formalização dos documentos por parte da família".

Em Ribeirão Preto, um caso semelhante foi registrado na quarta-feira (28), quando um garoto de 6 anos foi abordado com uma faca durante o período de aula, na escola Alfeu Luiz Gasparini, no bairro Ipiranga.
De acordo com a diretora do colégio Thaisa Bonatti, a professora foi avisada por outro aluno, que a faca estaria dentro da mochila. Após encontrarem o objeto, a polícia e o Conselho Tutelar foram chamados - a mãe não compareceu porque levava outro filho ao médico.

Whats on her mind?

Hhahahahahahahaha funny picture of the day

Does wearing too much makeup make you a tranny?

The Kardashian sisters say because they like to wear a lot of make up it makes them the biggest trannies lol -
"And we've turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it."
Kim says she was about 14 years old when their late dad, Robert Kardashian, hired a professional makeup artist to give them lessons.
"He said, 'My daughters are going to start to wear makeup and I want you guys to look at least presentable,' which I thought was really cool," she says in a new interview with Jane Pratt's website, xoJane.com. "And we've turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it."

Fire Up the Party Bus! T.I. Released From Atlanta Halfway House

T.I. is a free man.
The rapper (real name: Clifford Harris Jr.) was released early this morning from an Atlanta halfway house—his home away from home for the past two weeks after spending nearly a year in federal prison on a drug-related parole violation—federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke confirms to E! News.
So where's he headed? And more importantly, is he taking the party bus?

Unlike his infamous exit from his federal lockup last month, which saw him chauffeured to the Dismas Charities Atlanta halfway house in a pimped-out bus, T.I. made a much lower key exit today.
The rapper has big plans. First, he and wife Tiny will be going to his mother's home in Atlanta for a private welcome-home celebration. "We just want to be together as a family tonight," says Diane Pope, Tiny's mom and T.I.'s mother-in-law.
But on Friday night in Atlanta he is planning a more lavish party. Then he will team up with New York Knick Amar'e Stoudemire on Sunday to host the inaugural A King of Oneself brunch, which will celebrate men's fashion and hip-hop on Oct. 2. Sean "Diddy" Combs is expected to provide the alcohol for the brunch.
Guests there will be treated to a screening of a documentary about T.I., called Salute the King, which was made by fans all over the world who submitted videos for the movie.
He's also recorded a verse for a single called "Magic," which has just been released.
T.I., 31, had spent the last two weeks at the Atlanta facility to complete his 11-month prison sentence. He was found in violation of his parole in his federal gun case after getting pulled over in Los Angeles last year for drug possession. T.I.'s charge was later dropped, but then he later failed a drug test handed administered by his parole officer.
The rapper, who has a VH1 reality show coming out in December, will remain on probation for one year and must undergo drug and alcohol testing. He is also not permitted to drive and cannot travel unless it is for work. 

1 million dollar boobs hahahahah celebrity who am I

Which celebrity has taken out an insurance policy on her breasts for a whopping $1 million to protect herself in case anything should happen to her perfect pair.

Ashton Kutcher Tweet "dont believe the hype"...did he cheat on Demi Moore?

A few hours ago, the Two and a Half Men star posted a tweet that simply linked to a Spotify music file for the Public Enemy song "Don't Believe the Hype."

The actor seemed to be making a subtle reference to the latest chatter that his marriage to Demi Moore is crumbling amid speculation that he allegedly cheated on her with 23-year-old Sara Leal, who, in the photo above, was spotted with Kutcher in June outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood

14 year old girl sings Baby better than Justin Bieber

There were a couple brave souls on "The X Factor" last night -- who took on songs very close to judge L.A. Reid's heart.

14-year-old Drew Ryniewicz was first to accept the challenge, doing Justin Bieber's "Baby" for her audition number. Her stripped down, soulful version of the song was absolutely incredible -- and the judges were loving it.

"I prefer your version to his [Justin's]," Nicole Scherzinger said, before Simon Cowell echoed her comments, saying "So do I."

L.A. Reid, who produced Bieber's "My World 2.0" album, ate it up too -- telling her "You really made it yours, it was soulful and believable and you are special."

Drew wasn't the only one singing from the Reid songbook though, as the group 4Shore performed Boyz II Men's "The End of the Road," which L.A. actually wrote.


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Rock in Rio já começou !

Metaleiros forçam abertura de portões do Rock in Rio 20 minutos antes

Em dia de heavy metal e hard rock, a organização foi praticamente obrigada a abrir os portões da Cidade do Rock cerca de 20 minutos antes do previsto, às 14h. Os metaleiros, todos vestidos de preto, tatuados, com piercings e máscaras, seguiram para a grade, onde já entoam gritos de guerra com os nomes das bandas Motörhead e Metallica, as duas principais atrações deste domingo (25), no Rock In Rio.
Desde a madrugada deste domingo já haviam pessoas na fila para garantir o lugar perto do Palco Mundo. Uma delas é a aposentada Eleonora Arantes Campos Pereira, 50 anos, que acompanha o festival desde a primeira edição do Rock in Rio, em 1985. Na grade do Palco Mundo desde sexta-feira (23), quando começou o primeiro dia de shows, ela já se transformou em figura carismática e ganhou até apelido dos metaleiros. "Virei a titia do piercing. Vou ficar na grade todos os dias do Rock in Rio".
Os demais metaleiros se espremem na grade do Palco Mundo. O rock pesado terá clássicos d Motörhead e Metallica, além de bandas mais recentes, como Slipknot e Cohhed & Cambria. Os brasileiros do Gloria abrem a programação e já são hostilizados pelos metaleiros antes mesmo de subirem ao palco.

Os primeiros shows do rock in Rio 2011 tiveram início na tarde desta sexta-feira (23). Ed Motta, Andreas Kisser, Bebel Gilberto, Sandra de Sá, Móveis Coloniais de Acaju e convidados, dividem o palco do evento que segue nos dias 24, 25, 29 e 30 de setembro, e 1º e 2 de outubro, no Rio de Janeiro.