If you make her a model then she thinks she looks pretty and will continue to kill herself!!! Modeling agencies should not be aloud to hire models that look like this!!!

One model working the runway at Milan Fashion Week is turning heads—and not in a good way.
The catwalker, Alana Zimmer, has front-row fashionistas buzzing about what some see as a too skinny frame.

It was at the Gianfranco Ferrè show on Monday where Zimmer caused a stir. Marching down the runway in a barely there low-cut black dress, Zimmer stood out not for the clothing, but because her bones were protruding.

The uproar in Milan stems from the 2006 ban imposed by fashion mecca on models deemed overly thin. Catwalkers were required to have a body mass index of 18.5, and if they didn't meet requirements, they couldn't walk.

No word on whether Zimmer managed to make that requirement. Her agency did not immediately return E! News' calls seeking