Mika Salo: "I hope Räikkönen driving one, but ..."

- I don't have any inside information but somehow I doubt the whole thing. He has something else going on there. I don't believe that Kimi would drive in F1. Of course I hope he would, but I don't have the strenght to believe that he would get excited over it when there is no good car at offer at this moment, Salo said to MTV3.

- I don't think that Kimi is interested in anything else than to drive with the best machinery. If there would be an opening at Red Bull, then it might be a different story. Williams' next year's car is under no circumstances a winning car because they are wrestling with money problems, just like they have done this year also, Salo says.

- Williams also have other projects going on, I think that the visit had something to do with those things. Maybe Räikkönen-Robertson-team is buying somekind of a part from Williams, but I have no information about the matter, Salo says.

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole