Will she Stick Wit U? Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger's relationship 'hits rocky patch'

He's just completed back-to-back Grand Prix races, and she is busy working on the US X Factor.

And now their hectic work schedules are beginning to have an impact on Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton's relationship, according to new reports.
The superstar couple, who were last pictured together in public in August, are enduring a rocky patch, the Mirror claims.

Nicole, 33, is usually a constant presence at her 26-year-old boyfriend's F1 races, but was noticeably absent from his side at the Korean and Japanese events in recent weeks.

Nicole is required in Los Angeles where live shows on the X Factor are about to kick off, but found time to jet to New York last week to appear on Good Morning America.

'Of late, their schedules have proven pretty unworkable and they have not been able to see as much of one another as they would have liked,' a source told the Mirror.

'They still speak on the phone but this isn’t the same as face to face contact and things have been rough for the past six weeks.

'Both want it to work but it’s fair to say things are rocky. But they have rowed before and worked things out. As far as both are concerned, there is still hope.'

The allegations of trouble in the couple's relationship comes after a stressful few months for Nicole, in which she was criticised as a 'downgrade' from the judge she replaced on X Factor, Cheryl Cole.
A number of high profile TV critics ravaged Nicole's skills after her first appearance on the talent show last month.

'In the premiere [Cole] just kind of disappears midshow, without much explanation, and suddenly Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls is in her chair,' Neil Glenzinger of the New York Times wrote at the time.

It’s a downgrade. Ms Cole showed glimmers of being interesting; in two seasons as a judge on The Sing-Off on NBC, Ms. Scherzinger was a pretty face but, judicially speaking, not much more than a seat warmer. '

Last month, Hamilton denied that dating Nicole and the celebrity lifestyle that comes with it was a reason for his 'roller coaster' season.
'I'm not searching for it, but I still love doing that stuff,' he told Jonathan Ross.

'It's still awesome when you hang around with people like that. I still feel exactly the same way about them, the way I did before I met them, even though I know them now.

'I'm still a little starstruck, in admiration. I still see them on television, exactly as I did then. But it's strange when you look at your phone and think "I can call that guy".

'There will be more things in the future, but at the moment there are more important things to do. That is somehow to get this Formula One career at its peak because I don't feel it's at it's highest.

'I don't feel the performances are at their best, and that's what I am really trying to focus on most of all.'
A spokesperson for Hamilton denied the couple had split up, insisting they were very much together.

Source: DailyMail