Sebastian Vettel praised his trainer Tommi Pärmäkoski. The Finn was touched by the praising words

- It's Sebastian who is there behind the steering wheel and drives on the track, not me. Of course his comments feel good because we have been working together, Pärmäkoski told Iltalehti.

According to Pärmäkoski Vettel and the team will not have any big party in Japan.

- I'm sure that we will celebrate it a little but the bigger party is later on. I guess that karaoke will be on the list in honor of the championship because Japan is the home of karaoke. I'm quite sure that the song "Bensaa suonissa" (gas in the veins) will be sung if we only can find it.

Seb said in Finnish to MTV3:

- Terveiset perhe Pärmäkoski. Kiitos paljon, Vettel said in Finnish. (greetings to family Pärmäkoski. Thank you very much)

Source: MTV3 - Iltalehti
Courtesy: Nicole