Kimi: Sebastien is harder to beat than Sebastian

According to privateer Citroën driver (and former Grand Prix title-holder) Kimi Räikkönen, it’s harder to beat Sebastien Loeb than newly-crowned two-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel.

On paper, Loeb looks like he’s got the edge, with seven titles to Vettel’s mere two, but according to Räikkönen, there’s a lot more to it than that.

“In rally the cars are closer,” said the 2007 Formula One champion, now in his second year of rallying. “It’s not so much different whether you have a Citroen, a Ford or a Mini. In F1 you can have three seconds between two cars; and however good you are you are you will never get that difference back just by driving. So if you are in the best car, you’re much more likely to win.”

So according to Räikkönen, rallying is more of a meritocracy when it comes to driver talent. He knows he can’t beat Loeb through bitter experience, but could he beat Vettel?

“I think Sebastien Loeb could go just as fast in my car as in his own car,” said the Finn. “But if you’re not in the same car in F1 you never know, because the car makes such a difference. And Vettel’s car is certainly good. So it’s hard to answer the question. Although I have beaten Vettel in the past but not Loeb…”

Source: MaxRally