Lewis Hamilton doffs his cap to Vettel

Lewis Hamilton is the latest to offer his congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, saying the German has been "exceptional" this year

Vettel clinched his second title in Japan on Sunday when his third-placed finish assured him of an unassailable lead in the standings.

The German's efforts are already being lauded by all with Hamilton the latest to add his praises.

"I think he has been exceptional this year," the 2008 World Champ told the Independent newspaper. "He has driven really, really well.

"He has finished first and second in all the races, apart from one, so consistent, well controlled.

"His persona, attitude, I think has been very professional. He has made very few mistakes - and even the two small ones have not been very costly.

"So I take my hat off to him - I think he has done fantastically well."

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso, who lost his record as F1's youngest double World Champ to Vettel on Sunday, reckons the German and his Red Bull team fully deserve the title.

"The Championship of Sebastian and Red Bull has been supreme, with no mistakes at all and very dominant victories all through the season," he said.

"He drove perfectly in all races and qualifying in all conditions, wet or dry, and he's a good World Champion.

"We know that we need to improve a lot to be at the levels they were this year."

Source: Planet-F1