Kimi's Column: A GOOD JOB WASTED

Kimi Rallye de France review in Finnish

The rally in France left a bad taste in my mouth. It became our shortest rally this year, it stopped already the first day and we only got to drive two stages.

It bugged that it went that way. The roads would have been pretty cool. Even the notes succeeded well. But what can you do.

The crucial point was the transition route from the second to the third stage. We were before Henning Solberg in the starting order but he was there in front of us. He warmed his tyres and brakes, spinned the steering wheel and then he hit the brakes. He just stopped suddenly in front of us. He didn't look at the mirrors at all so there was nothing we could do.

We hit his rear end. Solberg's car only got some cosmetic scratches but we got so substantial damages in our front that there was nothing else for us to do but stop the rally right there. It was a short trip to France. Oh well, I haven't experienced anything like this before. It just happens in motorsport.

Now we look forward to Spain. We had a test before so that we got the car a little better again. We didn't learn much from there last year so for us it's like a completely new rally.

Courtesy: Nicole