Taylor Lautner talks Breaking Dawn

We'll get to Breaking Dawn in a minute, but first, let's talk Taylor Lautner's ego.
At just 19, he's been compared to megastars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Cruise, he's got a smoking hot bod (Brad Pitt's even noticed!) and makes boatloads of money ($200,000 car, anyone?).
So has all the fame gone to the young Twilight star's head?

We're happy to report, no!
"He's so humble!" Lautner's Abduction costar Michael Nyqvist told us at last night's Hollywood premiere of the flick. "If I at that age had that kind of career, I'd go crazy. He's so cool about it. He's a very good guy."
Lautner proved it when he greeted hundreds of screaming fans and signed autographs along Hollywood Boulevard for more than half an hour before finally walking the red carpet.
Lautner, dressed in a dark blue Paul Smith suit and sportin' some scruff, dished to E! News that he's already prepping for the impending pandemonium for the first of the two Breaking Dawn movies.
"I'm so excited," he gushed. "I always do get excited but I can say I've never been more excited than for this one specifically."
Oh? "For me, it's by far my personal favorite," he says. "It's the best one."
As for reports that he's is set to team up with Dwayne Johnson (aka "The Rock") for the upcoming action flick Goliath, Lautner says nothing's official.
"There's a few things floating around right now that I'm very excited about," he told us. "It's a little too early to tell. I can definitely say I'll be challenging myself to something new."
Also at the premiere were Lautner's pal Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, only Ms. Gomez took some time to stop on the red carpet for pics.