Mtv's LaLa gives her best gal Kim K married life advice

So what does MTV's LaLa say her best gal Kim K should do to keep things sizzling for the long haul?

La La, who's starring with her hubby, New York Knick Carmelo Anthony, in La La's Full Court Life, says that with all that time Kris will be spending on the road playing basketball, the couple needs to get on the computer and start video chatting—all the time.
"The main tip I can give her is Skype is a lot of fun because with her career and Kris's career, you spend a lot of time on the road apart, and you've got to find ways to spice it up when you are apart," she told E! News.
La La says that the couple are also still in wedded bliss and that she and Melo are planning to double date with them soon.
"They're doing amazing. We haven't double dated yet because we just got back in town and Melo's been a little crazy and Kim is filming, but they're amazing. They're doing wonderful," she said. "She calls me, and I'm like, could you be any happier? She is truly happy and living in this moment."
As for avoiding any fights and dealing with separation issues while both keep up their careers, La La says it's all about trust. "I think trust is just something you should have with your mate, because if you don't, why the hell are you married to them? You just feel it, and the last thing you wanna be thinking about is are they behaving themselves?"