TRUE or not so TRUE - Hollywood's hottest "it" couple " Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux" are they getting married?

Hollywood's hottest "it" couple just came back from Hawaii and, according to Star, Jennifer Aniston isn't wasting any time telling friends to block out a date in December for a "special party."
And according to OK, she and Justin Theroux even went location scouting on their romantic getaway — specifically Chapel by the Sea at Kauai Lagoons and Calvary Chapel Kauai.
Sources say:
[We] assume it’s code for a hush-hush wedding. Everyone knows what Jen is up to, but no one is calling her on it. She wants it to be an intimate, romantic beach ceremony, as opposed to her wedding to Brad Pitt, which was this huge, splashy, almost impersonal affair.
Now, we know some people (including ourselves) have raised an eyebrow or two at the pace of their relationship, but if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen!
It's their life, their timeline. So ya know what? So be it!
They've both been around the merry-go-round with long-term relationships and those failed, so if their wiser selves think it's right, all the luck and blessings to them both!
Besides, we're DYING to see their future wedding pHOtos!!!