Kim Kardashian Is Disinviting People To Her Wedding!

That's how exclusive this event is. Even if you were invited, you still might not get in!
Life & Style Magazine is reporting that just mere days before Kim Kardashian's big day, Kim is making big a decision. Apparently, 50 unlucky wedding guests are being told that they are no longer invited to the nuptials of the year due to space restrictions.
Um, excuse you? Didn't your wedding planner give you a head count ahead of time so you knew how many people you could invite? She's supposed to be the best in the biz. This seems like a pretty major oversight!
A source close to Kim explains:
“The fire marshal got involved. Once the fire department learned about all the TV equipment that’s going to be inside the space — the lights, the cameras and the production crew — Kim was told she had to cut the guest list by 50 people!”
Wow! Here comes 50 very awkward conversations! And who will she pick to give the boot? Who is safe from the cut? Who is not?
Don't be so sure of yourself, Ryan Seacrest. Remember, you were invited to be in the Christmas card this year!