What's the Deal With Beyonce's "Deflating" Bump?

Trick of the light, trick of the fabric...or just a plain trick?

The rumor mill went into overdrive yesterday when video of Beyoncé's high-definition interview with Australia's Sunday Night HD surfaced online. And it would have been a rather forgettable chat were it not for one moment at the start of the sit-down, when the pregnant Beyoncé took a seat and her bump, well, took a break.

Deflating, crumpling, folding in on itself, however you want to describe it, stills and slow-mos of the seemingly disappearing bump circulated by the dozens and conspiracy theories abounded as to the curious behavior of her baby bump. Was B wearing different size bellies to throw off the press as to how far along she was? Had she and Jay-Z gone the surrogate route and her seemingly deflating baby bump proved it? Or was it something else entirely?

Beyoncé's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure was quick to shoot down the conspiracy theories of the masses, telling E! News that sites and rumors suggesting that Jay-Z's better half is wearing a prosthetic or otherwise faking her baby bump are "foolish."

And as for that much cited "uh oh" expression on her face as she sits? Well, you try being five months pregnant and getting up and down with complete ease.

In any case, Beyoncé's appearance on the show did make news for other reasons, namely because it was announced (though not by the pregnant singer herself) that the superstar is due in February.
Here's hoping this is the end of her, um, bumpy ride.