TRUE or not so TRUE - Is Lindsay Lohan cutting herself to inflict self pain?

Plenty of rumors swirl around Lindsay Lohan, but one that surfaced this morning is of particular cause for concern—not just for the starlet's rep, but for her health.

It all started yesterday, when Perez Hilton posted a photo of LiLo from Paris Fashion Week, with one of his ever-subtle hand drawn arrows pointing to a scar—a straight line on her arm—with the words "Are u seeing this" under the faux-concern headline, "Oh No! Is Lindsay Cutting???"
If true, it's the sort of issue that undoubtedly could've used a touch more sensitivity (like, say, any whatsoever) in its reporting, right?

So is it true? Could Lindsay, who's seemingly finally made her way back to a healthy path, really be self-harming? Turns out, this rumor is…

NOT SO TRUE -  Phew.

When contacted by E! News, the star herself shot down the reckless allegation, telling us, "That's ridiculous."
Her rep also wasted no time in formally shutting down the report.
"That report is untrue, completely fabricated to fill a slow news day, and quite possibly libelous," Steve Honig told E! News.
"The only thing Lindsay is cutting is deals."