TRUE or not so TRUE - Did Demi Moore say "it’s over now” when it comes to her marriage with Ashton

When the trust is gone, the relationship is gone and that seems to be the case for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.
Even after a motivated attempt at counseling, it seems that Demi still can't get over Ashton cheating on her with Sara Leal and things are headed in a bad direction for the pair. A source close to Demi and Ashton says that Demi is "stressed out" and added:

“They’ve been in counseling. They separated about six weeks ago. Both went to Kaballah counseling hoping to save the marriage. But it’s over now.”
Over? OVER?!
Okay, no, that's fair. Considering the stories we're hearing, Ashton's cheating has been excessive and girl shouldn't have to deal with that.

Still, maybe if they take some serious time a part, get counseling separately … who knows?