This is what Williams tries - Räikkönen's F1-salary from Qatar?

Williams tries to get a rich Arab bank to sponsor them by using Kimi Räikkönen's name.

Sir Frank Williams' team has tried to lure Qatar National Bank as their main sponsor for a couple years already.

They haven't succeed but now Williams tries once again to get a contract with the biggest bank in Qatar. Williams can bring Kimi's name to the table since the team has already negotiated with Kimi about next season.

Williams could get such a remarkable contract with Qatar National Bank that they could fill Räikkönen's salary demands with that.

Williams already has strong connection to Qatar, which is one of the richest country in the world. Williams has founded their own research- and development-center in Qatar's science- and technology park.

Williams has also taken forward a traffic safety campaign together with Qatar National Bank, a campaign directed to drivers in Quatar.

The team's members have had their educational happenings in schools and universities in Qatar. The team has also built simulators in Qatar for driving instruction.

Janne Aittoniemi

Source: Ilta-Sanomat
Courtesy: Nicole