The Simpsons Face Cancellation!!!


Say it aint so!!!

The Simpsons, the longest-running prime-time television series ever, might come to an end sooner than we want!
What's to blame???
Well apparently the voice actors are "bitterly" trying to negotiate a new deal with 20th Century Fox. The studio is threatening to cut the cord if they don't take a 45% pay cut.
Trying to compromise, the talent is asking for only a 30% cut with a small slice of the show's back-end and merchandising earnings.
What, did you think DC was the only town with politics??
We hope they can all find some sort of resolution. We'll never get enough of them!
If they're cancelled, we'll only have what? 23 seasons of reruns??
By the way, if you've never been on the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, what are you doing with your life?!? " (Perez Hilton)