Räikkönen had a fuming shakedown

Rally driver Kimi Räikkönen turned 32 years old on Monday. No party was held then - and it looks like there are no party to expect in this WRC-rally either.

ICE1 Racing -team's Citroen didn't go as Räikkönen wished in shakedown and that showed right away on Kimi's face. His good mood went away just like that.

It didn't help at all although the loyal fans had brought a big bluewhite banderoll on the spot wishing him happy birthday both in Finnish and in English.

Räikkönen got only the 16th fastest time in Thursday morning's shakedown - everyone who should have been behind him were in front of him.

However Thursdays was more filled with hope for Räikkönen than a year ago in Spain. Back then Räikkönen's Citroen slipped off the road right when shakedown began and Kimi and his background forces left for home immediately.

Notes on Friday's gravel part revealed the same as Thursday's drive - the road is slippery and unexpected. The last stage will be during darkness and that's when the risk is dust, that weakens the visibility even more.

The last gravel rally for Räikkönen was in Jyväskylä at the end of July, hence getting used to this surface will once again take more time especially since the test for Spain was cancelled.

Turun Sanomat, Salou

Courtesy: Nicole