Kim Kardashian says if she could do 1 thing differently with the marriage, she would....

After a little more than a month of being married, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have started doing their tour of talk-show interviews as a couple.
The duo hit up The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (airing tonight) and it turns out, Humphries is pretty funny!

Kris tells his version of how he met his wife - saying a teammate from the New Jersey Nets had told him that Kim wanted to "holler" at him. So, he was psyched about it, right?
Not so much. He was actually a little apprehensive. Why, you ask?
"I didn't know her very well, I didn't know much about her, " the NBA star says. "I thought she wasn't gonna be as nice as she is and down to earth, and when I got to know her, you know, I fell in love with her." Awww.

Kim shares that if she could do one thing differently about her wedding, she'd elope