Japan Grand Prix 2011: Vettel: 'What could possibly go wrong?'

With the 2011 Formula One Championship in the bag, you could be forgiven for thinking that Sebastian Vettel may be about to rest on his laurels. But with the Japanese Grand Prix looming, he tells us in his own words why he won't be taking his foot off the accelerator just yet...

by Sebastian Vettel, Oct 6, 2011

Konnichiwa from Japan!

After a long trip we finally made it to Japan and you can already feel the excitement in the air. Lots of people have already asked me what could possibly go wrong this weekend and I have a very clear answer: Nothing, I hope!

But the fact that we have done really well here in the past two years must be a good sign.

We’d be more than happy to wrap up the driver’s title this weekend, but we aren’t going to force it too much.

We just want to get the maximum out of ourselves and the car, here and in every upcoming race on the calendar. Championship won or not, we only get to sit back and relax once the season's over.

The Japanese Grand Prix itself means a lot to me - I love the track, the country and, of course, the people.

Everyone here is unbelievably passionate about F1 and just happy when they see us racing.

Their support, enthusiasm and warm hospitality means the world to us drivers and we all want to do well as a way of paying them back.Giving these people joy, especially after the rough year they’ve had, is simply priceless.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Source: Red Bull