Will Smith is selling his 20 million dollar home...is it because his relationship is on the rocks?

Another day, another celeb on the move.
And this time, it's none another than Will Smith, who is the latest movie star to join Ryan Reynolds in the real estate market.

But what's behind Will's move from his posh NYC palace...is it because his relationship is on the rocks?

False :
Will simply has no need for the digs anymore, as he rented the NoHo spot as his temporary home-away-from-home while filming Men In Black III.
The actor searched long and hard for the spot, as he wanted to find a private location with enough room for wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and his kids. With five bedrooms, six baths and four fireplaces spread over 7,300 square feet, we're guessing size wasn't an issue.
While Will seems to be faced with a lack of movies and a whole lotta tabloid drama surrounding his wife's rumored relaysh with Marc Anthony, we're guessing that Hawthorne's fatal ratings won't affect real estate sales.
So how much for the former Fresh Prince's NYC palace?
Smith paid a reported $55,000 per month in rent for the condo, which is now on the market for nearly $20 million.
Too bad it takes more than a whip of your hair to live in this home.