Räikkönen maintained the driver's points

Kimi Räikkönen's ICE1 Racing -team was excluded from the teams WRC-serie on Friday. Räikkönen was 5th in this serie with 48 points

The judges in Rally Australia registered that Räikkönen had skipped the race and according to the rules the team doesn't fill the requirement to participate in at least two remote rallies outside Europe anymore.

Räikkönen has skipped Australia, Mexico, Sardinia and Argentina. From the remote rallies he has only taken part in Rally Jordan. After Australia he has France, Catalynia and Great-Britain left.

Australia was in Räikkönen's original WRC-schedule but he decided to change his plans after Rally Finland. Instead of a rally trip Kimi has been on a holiday with his wife Jenni.

The hosts in Rally Australia gave Räikkönen a penalty since he didn't show up there to race. The sum is the registration fee (16.200 euros). On top of that FIA gave the driver a penalty of the same amount.

In WRC the racing for Manufacturer's championship is not the same as it is in F1. The price-money is remarkably smaller. That's why even losing the 5th place isn't such a big deal for Räikkönen financially.

What is special is that Räikkönen's one-car -team has more WC-points than the driver has. ICE1 Racing had time to gather 48 points whereas Räikkönen is 8th in the driver's serie with 34 points. The difference is only due to the fact that in some rallies all teams haven't got any WC-points.

The penalty from Rally Australia concerns only the teams WC-serie. Therefore Räikkönen is still 8th in the driver's serie. According to his original plan, Räikkönen will drive normally the three last WRC-rallies in the serie and think after that what he will be doing in 2012.

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Courtesy: Nicole