Did the changes in Williams awaken Räikkönen's interest?

MTV3:s F1-expert Erkki Mustakari estimates that the changes happening in Williams-team are the reason for Kimi Räikkönen's possible interest towards the team.

Williams-team is renewing next season when technical manager Sam Michael and manager of the aerodynamics department Jon Tomlinson are leaving. They have already hired Mike Coughlan to replace them. Williams will switch from Cosworth-engines to Renault-engines next season, so the team will in the future have the same engine Red Bull has.

According to rumours Räikkönen visited Williams head quarter last week.

- If the information about Räikkönen's visit is true, then it isn't at least because of Sam Michael's farewell-party, Mustakari says.

- The changes going on in Williams might have created the interest to at least take a visit. Williams might also have something under work that hasn't happened there during the last years, Mustakari estimates.

- However as a team Williams is in a different league than for example Team Lotus, Mustakari

Räikkönen's Williams-visit was confirmed!

The publicist from Williams-team confirmed that Kimi Räikkönen visited the team's head quarter last week.

- It was a private visit, hence we have nothing more to comment about it, the publicist told MTV3.

It's known that Räikkönen is at the moment going through his options for next year. Williams-team has done poorly the latest years but it has won most of WCCs in F1, nine WCCs.

Source: MTV3
Courtey: Nicole