Comeback is close!

Apparently they have been negotiating over Kimi's and Williams' contract for weeks already.

Räikkönen's comeback to F1 is now closer than ever before.

James Allen writes in his blog that they have been negotiating for weeks already. The negotiations have proceeded well and the contract is close. Allen assures that he has got his information from very reliable sources.

Even BBC believes strongly in Räikkönen's comeback. They asked for Sam Michael's (Williams) opinion of Kimi last weekend.

- Kimi has always been a strong driver and he is a world champion. He is also a great personality. The paddock needs a driver like him. It would be nice to see him come back to F1, Michael said.

Of course it is possible that Williams wants to deliberately keep Räikkönen's name on the wall. That way they could influence the negotiations with the other drivers.

When representatives from Williams tell that Räikkönen is one option, they can get Rubens Barrichello to drive for a smaller salary or add a few more millions to Adrian Sutil's sponsors. According to information IS has, both Räikkönen and Sutil visited Williams factory on Wednesday 7th September, but not at the same time.

If Räikkönen's comeback to F1 becomes true, then next seaon there will be six world champions on the grid. That would be a record.

Janne Aittoniemi

Source: IS (paper edition)
Courtesy: Nicole