Another questionable act on Toddlers&Tiaras...keep reading.

Between the mom who dresses her daughter up as a prostitute and now this mother (above) who makes her 11-year-old daughter wear a corset, we are officially speechless.
On a recent episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, mom Marlo tied a tightly-bound corset onto her daughter Sydney and told her:
"It doesn't matter if you can breathe or not! It only matters if you look beautiful!"
What awesome parenting advice!
Then later said to her daughter (again, she's 11 years old):
"Could you go sell your soul to the Devil so we could pay for a new [Dress]? I'm not a crazy pageant mom: I'm an insane one… The doctor says I'll be just fine with medication and lots of therapy!"
So, she's actually officially insane. Wow.

These moms have gone waaaaaaaaaaay too far.